Bienvenidos a Las Cumbres

Las Cumbres - Somos

Facing the magnificent Pinares de Roche pine woods that spread out to the beach of the same name, our establishment has been running since 1960.

Due to our location beside the Cádiz-Málaga main road, we are very well connected with the towns of Conil, Vejer, Chiclana and Cádiz as well as with the tranquil family surroundings that invite one to relax.

Although our establishment was originally geared to providing services to travellers along the main road, our clientele has diversified greatly and this is now a splendid place to enjoy some relaxing days in surroundings that provide many alternatives such as the dozens of kilometres of beaches, the Bay of Cádiz’s natural parks, and cities full of history, charm and fun.

Las Cumbres - Somos

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Rules of internal procedures